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A very uneducated football coach once said the following:

“Football is a game of stagedy: me tryin’ to out stagedize you, and you tryin’ to out stagedize me. The winner of dis yeer competishun will be de team dat iz de best at implicating der stragedy while executing der players.”

Yeah ………..

Unfortunately, that is about equal to many people’s plan for exiting life. They have none ………… or what they do have is so poorly planned that they leave a pile of wreckage behind.

Everyone needs an exit strategy. I’m not talking about financial responsibilities here – life insurance, etc. I’m talking about life after death. We all have a one way ticket to somewhere when we leave this planet. The question is to where?

You need to know where you’re going, and it would be good for everyone else to know where you’re going as well.