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IMG_0576My wife and I walked into a restaurant at around 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon right before a huge storm hit the area. Just as we entered, all the lights went dark. Power outage. We went ahead and sat down and ordered drinks and chips and ate them in the dark while we waited for power to return. After about 45 minutes we spoke to the manager who informed us that it might be several hours before power was restored; we decided to give it up and come back later. So we returned around 6:30 and enjoyed the meal we had intended to have at 3:00. The manager told us the power had come back on about 5 minutes after we had left. Go figure ……….

All this to say ………. this blog is going to go dark for a while, or at the very least there won’t be stories posted everyday. I am in the process of moving from one home to another and right on the heals of that I am leading a mission team to Mexico. So unfortunately, time is limited. I will be writing some in the interim and posting occasionally but I don’t expect to post daily stories. I might repost some tales from last fall. In the meantime, you’ll have to survive on drinks and chips. The full course meal won’t be available until later.

Thanks for your prayers and understanding. I hope to be back to normal at the end of July.

Grace and peace!

Oh, and keep that coffee flowing ……..

Mugs up!