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a mullet fish – photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Years ago I wrote a song/poem about creation specifically as a rebuttal to the evolutionary theory that all life started from the mud in the form of a jawless fish. My wife came across it as she was cleaning the house yesterday; thought you might enjoy it!

At school the other day they taught us man evolved from fish.
I scratched my head and wondered, “What genius thought of this?”
They said this lucky mud just started stirring round one day.
And pretty soon these critters sort of formed themselves from clay.

The critters joined together and made a little squish.
And what evolved was finally what they called a jawless fish.
Now I’m not one to question, so I figured it was true.
Besides, they wouldn’t teach no lies to little kids at school!

So I listened as they taught us how old “Jawless” learned to crawl
And turned his little fish fins into tiny feet and claws.
He then commenced to change himself with lots of other twists.
He became amphibians and reptiles that would hiss.

Jawless, he was fearless, he had so much to achieve.
Forget about the halibut, he wanted lungs to breathe!
Soon he grew tired of wearing scales and fins and such.
He decided it would be more fun to add some warmth to touch.

So he grew himself some fur and turned his claws to paws and feet,
And walked across the landscape in search of food to eat.
Before too long he stretched his back and forced himself to stand
And transformed his appendages to legs and arms and hands

The more I heard, the more I thought this really couldn’t be!
This thinking we was fish might make a monkey out of me!
If this were true, why not say we came from bugs instead?
And we could all pretend we had antennae on our heads!

If man evolved from fish, then he’s got to be a mullet.
Thinking like a fish up in the head is sure to dull it!
To me it’s only logical when I say what I believe
That God created man when he made Adam and made Eve.

And so it’s my conclusion if the truth were really told,
That “Jawless” is nothing more than a lie from long ago.
The God who made the earth did not leave it all to chance
And hope that somehow randomly that we would learn to dance.

Hope you have a wonderful day, mugs up!!