I hope and pray that all hospital workers will treat their patients kindly like this. All patients are people……. after all.

Mirroring the World

In the workforce, translated…

The shifts are crazy for resident doctors, after a day’s work, you can’t go home yet, in the evenings, you must stay put at the hospital, for the evening shifts.  After you’re done with the night shifts, you still can’t get home yet, the very next day, you’d have a packed schedule again.  If people know, that this, was what was going on in the white towers, I’m sure, that there would not be that many who wanted to become doctors.

One evening, I’d had to stay at the hospital again, and, there would be constant calls from the nurses’ station, “Doctor on duty, the patient of certain beds aren’t feeling well, come take a look.”

And the most annoying being, “Doctor on duty, the patient of a certain bed is complaining of insomnia, can you check up on her/him right now?”, put on the robes…

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